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  • Want some general advice about where to invest?
    Visit out forum and engage with others topics or start your own to get feedback from others that can help you on your real estate journey.
  • About to invest but don’t know if the deal or paperwork is good
    Visit our services and select Safe or Scam to have one of our experts analyze any investment in the world to ensure you make the best decision possible with all the information to hand.
  • Want to know what our live hot property picks from around the world are?
    Visit our projects page to find our hottest real estate deals right now which members can apply their discounts on
  • Want to benefit from bulk buy property purchasing
    At certain times of the year, our group engages developers to participate in a variety of unique projects with huge discounts applied by investing altogether. To participate in these opportunities you will need to be a Silver or Gold member. You will be contacted by our team when opportunities arise.
  • What to ask us something unique
    Visit the contact us page and leave us a message. Alternatively, visit our Facebook page by clicking the blue F symbol at the bottom of any page and leave us a message on Facebook. We aim to get back to customers within 10 minutes or less during working hours.
  • Want to find out the latest property news
    Visit our property news section to find out all the latest and most revaltive filtered real estate news from the worlds most prominant investing destinations.
  • Want tips on how and where to invest?
    Want tips on how and where to invest?


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