Safe or Scam

Claim your money back from bad investments

Have you been a victim of a scam investment and would like to know what to do next without paying huge legal fees?

We work with a company called Safe Or Scam which helps investors understand how the scam was perpetrated, by whom,  and what the recovery options might be.  

They have exposed many scam investments and have helped hundreds of investors. They have helped investors get to the truth and have worked with them to close down scams so that their bank accounts can be opened up to investigation.  They work with a panel of solicitors and are involved in supporting several large-scale investor legal actions.

They provide a free 20-minute review of a suspected scam investment and only charge if there is a realistic chance of recovery and the investor wishes to take things forward. 


About to invest in a property/Investment but want to be 100% sure the company are legit before going ahead?


Already invested but the company have stopped paying returns or stopped communication?

Uncontactable companies

Already invested and no way to contact the company?

Going legal

Thinking about spending money on going the legal route to claim lost money back?


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