About the Club

The Real Property Club was set up in August 2020 to provide anyone interested in property investing a place to meet likeminded people, share stories and help each other succeed. The Founder Dean Oakford provides lots of free content on Youtube to support investors in their property search. Dean has worked and owned property companies in 6 countries spanning 15 years and was disgraced by how unregulated and unethical most salespeople are in this industry. Armed with a camera and a website Dean exposes all the manipulative techniques to watch out for when being sold property as well as teaching people how to spot a good investment from a bad one. 


Being a member of this club entitles you to speak to likeminded people, learn from others and experts, watch and listen to free podcasts and videos and compete in prize giveaways along with offering discounts on property purchases made through the club. 


The Club is open to everyone in every country across the world and is 100% online. Over the years it has become increasingly more difficult to choose good investments as travel becomes cheaper and investment options grow. It can be hard to filter the good from the bad which is where the Club comes in.


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